How Do You “Chop Down” Your Writers Block?

Stuck Behind That Writers Block Again

What do you do when you have writers block?  Writers block is the killer of the creative process and a most formidable and stubborn adversary.  Every writer knows that there comes a time when the inkwell seems to run dry.  Your creative juices just seem to stop flowing and your mind goes completely blank.  You find yourself just reaching for that new idea and the only feedback you get is the sound of crickets.  Your creative and inspirational muse is on vacation elsewhere.  So what do you do to surmount that wall of unimaginative nothingness that blocks your path to that next book, blog, or article?  Hmmm…?

A few friends of mine have made some well intended suggestions to assist me in that particular time of need.  Meditation, a bubble bath, dinner and a movie, spending time engaged in familial conversations in hopes of invoking a subject worth writing about, etc.  Sometimes one of these may work for me, sometimes not.

Personally, I’ve found that the simple act of walking works wonders for me.  It’s a great opportunity get a little exercise and to jump start those stalled thoughts and ideas.  While taking in the sights, sounds, and the people I’m afforded the chance to clear my mind and just breathe.

In those moments (I usually walk for about an hour) that inner voice connects and communicates with me, clearing my “mental path” of its confusion, chaos, and concerns.  In those moments that I spend walking, it’s my time to just to feel and be free.

 I never bother to plan my walks, I just put on my old sneaks and head on out the door.  There is no predetermined purpose behind my little jaunts aside from the act of putting my mind at ease.   I simply breathe, relax, and enjoy the journey alone.  When it’s just me and the universe connecting, I can see my inspiration in everything, everywhere. 

Fortunately, I live in one of the greatest cities in the country.  “The city that never sleeps”.  New York is always alive and kicking it. In every neighborhood, in every borough there are always seeds of inspiration to be found and cultivated.

However, I’m always looking for new ideas and concepts to be applied to every aspects of my writing.  Especially when it comes to that mean and nasty writers block.

So if you’ve ever come up against the writer’s worst adversary I’d like to hear from you.  How did you overcome your beast?  What do you do to get back your creative spark?   Please feel free to share your tips and thoughts in the comments.  Thank to all and happy creative writing!

2 responses

  1. I go for a run. It seems to be the best balance of mindfulness and mindlessness to get my writing flow on. I also seem to get great ideas in the shower (which follows a run!) to the point where I’ll sprint, soaking wet, into my office to jot down an idea.

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