They Say Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself…

Recently for my personal edification and enrichment, I’ve been thinking about returning to school and pursuing a degree in psychology.  You know, it’s never too late to grow.  And now that I’m “single” I don’t have anyone stopping me from doing all that I can to make myself over and become the best me that I can be.

After so many years of being someone’s daughter, wife, mother, etc.  I’ve never really had the opportunity to think about to doing something just for ‘me’.  But now that I’ve dropped about 200 pounds, by way of the “divorce court diet“, I think that it’s time to start fulfilling some of my dreams and do all of the things that allow me to educate and elevate myself.

I think I’m at a place now where reassessing, redefining, and redirecting my life goals are in order.

So in between posting on this blog, writing a few content articles, and working on a book that I hope to finish sometime in this century…I think that I’ll challenge myself just a little further and find a “suitable”  for institution of higher learning for someone of my advanced years and make that dream become my new reality.

After 18 years of having my significant other constantly telling me what I didn’t want for my life or myself,  (of course he knew me much better than I knew myself. yeah, right!)  I finally have the opportunity to dream, hope, and live again…so college is next on my bucket list of things to do.

So wish me luck because I’m going to need all the luck that I can get…..Peace and Many Blessings To You All!

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