Why Should I Fear?


I started this blog with the express purpose of writing to heal, grow, and reflect on my life and the major life transitions that I’m currently engulfed in.  Although I was initially apprehensive in taking on this endeavor I’m now finding an enormous sense of well-being and comfort in my own written words and the words of others that I have connected with through my writing.

I’ve always had a voracious passion and love of words, both written and spoken.  Having written on numerous occasions over the years for family, friends, co-workers, employers, etc., I’ve often wondered could this possibly be my life’s purpose and I’ve somehow overlooked it.

For a long time I didn’t believe that I had a ‘voice’ with which to write or share anything worth reading about.  I was fearful that whatever I had to express through my words wouldn’t translate to a viable or receptive audience.    That in itself stifled me and kept me from doing the one thing that I love the most.

But the fear that had once paralyzed my ‘voice’ quickly dissipated as I recently started to write again.  In putting forth the effort do it a little more each day I have managed to overcome my fear and reservations.  I just had to develop a little more courage and confidence in myself.

I also had to realize that whether or not I am sharing or just writing for myself I’m still actively undergoing the process of healing and growing in every aspect of my life through my words, as well as the words of others.  And I couldn’t afford to just give up or give in to my fear.

I suppose sometimes people just want to be heard and feel connected to something meaningful.   Writing gives me that and so much more.

Writing now has given me a new sense freedom and empowerment that I’ve never experienced before through any other activity.

And at this particular stage in my life it’s become a latent form of therapy.  In that it allows me to reflect on the life issues, both past and present, that has challenged my emotions, thoughts, and, spirit for far too long.  It also lends itself to the definition and clarification in understanding my emotions and choices.

My healing has been an ongoing and arduous journey but I believe that I’ve finally found something that gives my life a new direction, new meaning, and at last a real purpose.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.
Japanese Proverb

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