Meditation Tips for Newbies

Author: Crystal Jade

In today’s busy society the art of meditation has become increasingly popular. With its ability to help the mind slow down and relieve itself of stress it is no wonder that more and more people try meditation. However, although many people desire to meditate they enter into the meditation with the wrong mindset, thus causing them to abandon meditation prior to actually feeling the benefits. There are however, a few things anyone can do that would help ease into the mindset of meditation and thus making it an everyday habit. In order to help the body relax and maintain a sitting position for a long period of time, stretching should be essential before anyone tries to meditate. Making the body participate in stretching movements can allow the body to relax, as well as promotes blood flow to all parts of the body.When a person plans on sitting or lying down for long periods of time, stretching is always wise. Of course, when finding a position to meditate in it is particularly important to find a position that is comfortable for the individual. Like with yoga, the breath in meditation is extremely important.

When beginning meditation, especially the first few times one tries, the breath should be one of the main things to concentration on. Breathing slowly relaxes the body, slows the heart rate and helps the mind concentrate. Once the body is fully relaxed and the mind can concentrate then a person will have a better experience with meditation. The breath is also something to rely on when the mind begins to stray away from the meditation. Calming the mind can often be difficult, particularly for beginners, so concentrating on the breath is always something to fall back on in order to regain the lost concentration.

Set up is always a very important aspect of meditation. A person must set aside a certain time of the day, every day, in order to get into the routine of meditating. Sporadically meditating will make the routine harder to get into, which is why many people give up on meditation. Of course, routine is not everything. It is just as important to set aside a specific room to meditate in. The space in which one chooses should be quiet, and comfortable. Placing meditative candles and other relaxing devices in the room of choice can also help reach a state of relaxation that can help achieve meditation. After one experiments with rooms and routines the body will make it apparent as to when the best times to meditate will be. For many, early in the morning serves as an ideal time, as the household is typically quiet and the mind has yet to speed up. It is also important to research meditation.

There are several books written on the topic of meditation that will not only serve to teach the benefits of meditation, various techniques that may improve the individual’s meditation experience and help to motivate one to keep up meditating. There are also many instructional CDs on the meditation that can be listened to during meditation, or later on for research.

Of course, it may take time to discover the best meditation techniques that work for you, but with these basic steps the chance of sticking with meditation is greater. Calming the mind and accepting the benefits of this ancient art does not just help people feel happier and healthier, but it also helps them function in everyday life.

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