Life’s Closed Doors…Were They Marked Exit or Entrance?

SOMEONE is ALWAYS watching over us.

Sometimes it may seem as though you just can’t win no matter what you do or how hard you try in life.  At every turn you seem to be besieged by the adversities, obstacles, and challenges that permeate and plague your personal life path.  You find yourself wondering why these things aren’t happening to Sharon, Bill, or Mary.  What makes them impervious to life’s trials and tribulations?

Why do I always have to end up on the short end of the stick?  Why?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in some random room in my home, crying and screaming at the top of my lungs, “Why?” or “What did I do to deserve this?

The only feedback in response to my query was the reverberation of my own voice bouncing off the walls.

For some unforeseen and unfathomable reasons bad things always seem to invade and infuse themselves in our lives.  Again, why?

For a long time, by the preponderance of the evidence left behind, after living through some major upheavals in my life–I had to wonder was there something about me that attracted the hardships, worries, and fears.

It never seemed to fail, every time I wrestled my way back to top of the heap of heartaches and headaches.  Bang!  The door to my peace and joy slammed shut in my face.

All of my life I’ve heard the expression, “When one doors closes, another one opens”.  I’ve heard it so much during my lifetime that it eventually became a cliché.

Let’s face it, when you’re embroiled in a turbulent life situation, the last thing that you want to hear from anyone is this particular metaphor.

Initially, I was left wondering just what the hell does it mean anyway.  When I was young and inexperienced I wanted words of empathy and support in the midst of what I was going through.  But what I got were these words.  Words that didn’t help to assuage my pain or confusion.

In my youth the true meaning of these words eluded me.  But as I lived, learned and matured I began to understand the true import or profundity of these simple and sage words.

My perception and awareness about myself and my life changed incalculably.

I had to see and come to the realization that those closed doors were clearly and undeniable marked both exit and entrance.

Life is about adjustment and change.  The whys that had rooted themselves so deeply in my life soon evolved into “which way now.”  Because as I began to grow in mind, body, and spirit I understood that something in my life needed to change.  And those closed doors were a wake call and a call to action.

As we journey through this life there is a definitive plan and purpose behind every door that closes in our lives.

All of those little side trips, bumps in the road, and closed doors in my life and yours are preparing, purposing, and propelling us towards ‘something’.  We’re being groomed for something greater that surpasses the depth of our knowledge and understanding.  And we won’t know exactly what that ‘something’ for our lives is until we’ve reached it.

Each of us has a different and deliberate path to follow.  With an indiscernible plan and purpose to fulfill.

But the common denominator for each of us is that we can all count on experiencing some life’s trials and tribulations.  The level and degree of those upsets and upheavals may vary in each life but it’s a necessary life process.  With a specific lesson and reason behind it.

Every second, every minute, every hour of our lives is being created and re-created as we make choices and move towards that ‘something’.

That something is our life’s purpose.

We experience the sudden influx and disturbing ramifications of death, disease, relationship issues, and financial hardships each and every day.  And it’s natural for us to kick, scream, and cry in protest of the unsettling unfairness of it all.  And again we ultimately ask, why me…

But sometimes we have to lose practically everything that we hold precious and dear in order to realign our lives and our ‘selves’ with our purpose.

Every time a door closes in your life it marks an ending and a new beginning.  It’s an exit from this and an entrance to that, something far greater and more rewarding for our lives.

Albeit, your understanding is being tried and your patience is being tested, there is a meaningful reason for all that you’re going through.

So instead of asking questions that have exceeded and exhausted logical explanations or reason I’ve learned to replace those questions with what is the purpose behind this and what is it that I need to change now.

Believing that the underlying meaning and purpose for this latest crisis or upheaval will soon become clear, I’ve learned to fight my way to that next open door.  And how to kick it in when warranted.   Because I’ve come to a greater understanding and awareness that sometimes you have to go through ‘this’ in order to get to ‘that’.

Although we may have plans for our lives, God and the universe will always have even greater plans for us.  The maze of closed doors may seem confusing and unfair but they are there to give us direction.  So what if door number one has closed, door number two has now been opened and it’s waiting for you to walk, run, or charge through it.

Life is about beginnings and endings.  It’s an unrelenting cycle filled with meaning and purpose.

God and the universe will always meet you wherever you are in life and they will purposefully take away, take charge, and take you, through those doors, in the direction that your life needs to be going in.

My perception and prospective regarding those closed doors has given my life a new dimension.  I no longer ask or worry about why this is happening to me right now because I know that our trials and tribulations are not meant to make us bitter but that much better.  And stronger!

God and the universe are always working together to get us to where we need to be every time we stumble on our life journey.  That door just closed in our lives is simply and divinely creating another path that needs to be taken and explored.

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