Did You Daydream Today?

What are dreams? Are they just random thoughts, images, sounds, and emotions that play themselves out during sleep? Is the unconscious mind actually producing and directing these high definition occurrences as a means of putting the mind in a restful and relaxed state?

But that wouldn’t quite explain the reason for our nightmares, now would it? I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve never had a pleasant nightmare. I know that the nightmares we experience are manifestations of the worry, stress, fear, and frustration that we have during our waking hours. Those experiences only serve to compromise and diminish our peace of mind.

As we sleep we can’t exercise any control over the subject matter of our dreams. We’re at the mercy of our own thoughts and emotions. But in our waking moments we have the ability to control our dreams through focus and creative visualization resulting in daydreams.

We can direct our minds to visualize goals, desires, people, places, etc. within our daydreams. Focus and positive cohesive thoughts can turn our daydreams into a place of retreat and reflection. In a relaxed state of mind we can release all of the stressors of the day and just give in to a little ‘free flow’ thinking.  No restrictions or inhibitions only random, positive thoughts and ideas.

It seems that our dreams are always with us, asleep or awake. They’re the creative and imaginative part of us. Having daydreams allows us to escape from the stresses and frustrations of our personal realities.

As children we often daydreamed and allowed our imaginations to run free and wild. But when we became adults we seem to have put away the child-like act of daydreaming. And when that innocence is gone from your life you cease to feel energized and alive.

As adults we tend to focus on more important issues like work, bills, car/mortgage payments, kids, etc. We get so caught up with the business of daily living and surviving that we forget how to let go and relax every once in a while. Sometimes we forget about the significance of having or holding on to a dream.

We fail to keep in touch with our inner-child and indulge ourselves in a daydream every now and then.

Today I want you to step outside of your adult comfort zone. And try taking a few precious moments out of your busy and hectic day just to be still and dream.

Happy daydreaming, everyone…

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