Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  Hello, my name is C. B. Yond and  I started this blog as extension of my healing process.  And also with the hopes of  reaching out to other men and women who have been in my situation. 

There is a tremendous healing power in writing.  It sets your mind and your spirit free.

After an abusive 18 year marriage I have finally gotten my life and my “voice” back.  My passion for writing had been sequestered and suppressed for so long that I thought I had forgotten how to put pen to paper and just let it flow.

I chose the pen name of “C. B. Yond” for a very specific reason and purpose.  My intention was to remind myself to “see beyond” the life that I left behind and to see beyond my perceived limitations.  Every time I write the name itself I’m reminded to see beyond my current circumstances and resolved to keep moving forward to a new life filled with dreams, hope, and expectations. 

It’s a new day in the life of C. B. Yond and there’s always the promise of a much better tomorrow now that there’s nothing to hold me back or keep me from being just me. 

The written word will never depart from my life again!

I hope that you’ll visit often to enjoy the writings rendered on this site.  And I ask that you consider joining me in the fun by sharing a few of your creative thoughts and ideas.  All are welcome to embrace and express themselves in this forum.   And to showcase their God given talent and light.  I’m always looking for a few good “friends” who share my passion and love of writing. 

Until the next post, yours or mine, be well and be blessed!

With Regards and Respect,

C. B. Yond

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