Liberating Your Life’s Regrets


REGRETS, the missteps and mistakes that we each make as we journey through life. Those secret acts of word and deed that we surreptitiously harbor in the recesses of our minds. Occasionally dusting them off to be held up to the light of the present and re-examined for the umpteenth time.

As we grow older we tend to reflect on the events of our past lives. Where we often find that there are some things we wish we hadn’t said or done. Those things that we should, could, or would have said or done differently but ultimately we didn’t.

That backwards thinking prevents us from being in the present moment.

Holding onto to regrets is an exercise in futility in that they are now and will forever be a part of our past lives. The moment those words were uttered or that deed was done it became a part of our personal history. And as we all know the past cannot be erased or undone.

Giving yourself permission to be okay with the mistakes and missteps that have transpired in your life is the first step towards healing and growth. There comes a time when you have to forgive yourself for holding on to those useless regrets and the negative energy associated with them.  There comes a time when you have to let it go and move on.  You’ll find that liberating and releasing those regrets back into the universe frees you to do more and to be better in the present.

So why not stay present and let go of the things that cannot be changed. Stop grieving and ruminating over the  past. Learn and grow through the lessons of the experiences and acquired knowledge garnered from yesterday. It’s pointless to continue to beat yourself up over things that are far beyond your reach and your control, lost forever in a past moment.

Life’s journey is hard enough without the extra weight and burden of looking back on the things that have already gone from your  life.

A life lived bogged down in the regrets of yesterday isn’t a life lived at all. It’s an act of constantly memorializing the past.

We can’t change our yesterdays but we can create our tomorrows if we stay present and focus on our todays.

Today is a good day for new beginnings and creating better memories to reflect upon further on down the road. It also looks like a great day to do something different, something for your “self”.  Just breathe, forgive, and let it all go…



On Faith


Faith is a spiritual gift. It’s having a blind belief, confidence, and trust in a person, place, or thing without having the tangible proof to support or validate your conviction. Faith is a very distinct part of our daily lives and reality. We exercise our faith, to some degree, in everything that we do. From taking your next breath to relationships to getting on a plane your faith is being actively and spiritually being called upon and utilized. We’re spiritually trusting and believing that everything will be okay as we journey forward on our individual life paths. From faith to faith we grow stronger and more confident in our belief and conviction. Meaning that the same faith we exercise on the little things can also be called upon and applied to the greater things in our lives. Faith is a spiritual seed that grows in steps and stages as we experience challenges, adversity, and triumphs. It’s the ever present hope for things unseen.

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Why Should Fear

Why Should I Fear?

  I started this blog with the express purpose of writing to heal, grow, and reflect on my life and the major life transitions that I’m currently engulfed in.  Although I was initially apprehensive in taking on this endeavor I’m now finding an enormous sense of well-being and comfort in my own written words and … Continue reading