Dead Tulip

How I Watched My Life Fade To BLACK

I went to see my therapist yesterday.  I think we all need a little fine tuning from time to time from a professional.  Someone with rational and unbiased opinions.  You see, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been having a very difficult time letting go, emotionally, of a long term, toxic relationship.   A relationship … Continue reading

Hello Everyone and Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to!  This is my very first post and my very first blog!  I started this blog with a vision to open up a forum to address and share creative  ideas, thoughts, and suggestions regarding relationship issues both great and small.  I also have the hope that I or you may be able to help others who are struggling within their own relationships. 

Personally, I have found that writing helps me to heal whenever I have had a particular problem with an initimate partner or family member.  Writing can bring about new insights, new truths,  and resolve to questions or issues that may be existing within our daily personal interactions and relationships. 

So please join me in posting your thoughts, concerns, views, issues, on this subject and often touchy issue!  I look forward to this opportunity to share and grow with you!

Thank you and Happy blogging!