Food For Thought 2

A Little Food For Thought

They say sharing is caring…so here’s two of my favorite quotes. “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people.”—Eleanor Roosevelt “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt If you’d like to share a few of your favorite quotes, please feel free to … Continue reading

On Faith


Faith is a spiritual gift. It’s having a blind belief, confidence, and trust in a person, place, or thing without having the tangible proof to support or validate your conviction. Faith is a very distinct part of our daily lives and reality. We exercise our faith, to some degree, in everything that we do. From taking your next breath to relationships to getting on a plane your faith is being actively and spiritually being called upon and utilized. We’re spiritually trusting and believing that everything will be okay as we journey forward on our individual life paths. From faith to faith we grow stronger and more confident in our belief and conviction. Meaning that the same faith we exercise on the little things can also be called upon and applied to the greater things in our lives. Faith is a spiritual seed that grows in steps and stages as we experience challenges, adversity, and triumphs. It’s the ever present hope for things unseen.

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Why Should Fear

Why Should I Fear?

  I started this blog with the express purpose of writing to heal, grow, and reflect on my life and the major life transitions that I’m currently engulfed in.  Although I was initially apprehensive in taking on this endeavor I’m now finding an enormous sense of well-being and comfort in my own written words and … Continue reading