Deja Vu, A Memory Or A Mystery?


I’m one of those people who do not believe in coincidences. Everything is relative, having a distinct reason and purpose for being. Déjà vu is one of life’s most thought provoking experiences. It makes me feel as though a specific moment from my future life has been recorded and replayed at just the right time in my present life. But how could that be?

The experience envelopes you in a strong sense of familiarity and foreknowledge that you couldn’t possibly have about a time that has yet to occur. Or has it?

In vivid and intricate detail you’re able to recall and feel as if you’ve already lived in that moment. Every touch point of a déjà vu experience, the conversations, sights, smells, and colors seem to be so real and surreal all at the same time. If it’s a memory, from what timeframe does it emanate?

Is it a trick of the mind? Maybe. Or is it something other?

I’m quite sure that the scientific community has some plausible explanation for why we have these déjà vu experiences. But I choose to believe that these occurrences may actually be something more meaningful and purposeful.

Sometimes they make me wonder if I could have possibly lived in that moment at some other point in time. And that specific moment, replete with the associated experiential sensations, is now being recalled and brought to my immediate attention again for an express reason.

Maybe it’s for clarification or corrective purposes. Or maybe that particular moment in my life is so significant that it bears repeating and triggers its own replay.

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